Corporate Members

Bindy Kang

H. Bindy K. Kang received her BA and MA at Simon Fraser University. Her MA dissertation explored "othered" representations of the Punjabi Sikh community utilizing a media discourse analysis. While she continues to be critically engaged with Diaspora studies and identity issues, Bindy is currently pursuing a doctoral degree at the University of British Columbia with the Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Program. Integrating 12 years of health research experience, and five years of health promotion outreach, Bindy's doctoral research program evaluates health inequity for a Canadian "visible minority" community: the heterogeneous South Asian Diaspora. As a Vanier Scholar, Bindy is passionate about knitting together community engagement and research/academic scholarship, and continues to support many community based projects. Bindy's most inspiring and rewarding "work" is derived from her motherhood role to her almost 3 year-old-daughter. She is extremely grateful for the beautiful lessons her daughter offers.