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Sohan Pooni


Pooni was born in Nawashar district of Punjab on April 13, 1948. After completing his B.A. from the National College, Banga, he did his M.A. in history from the Punjab University, Chandigarh. He left his history-teaching job at the Baring Union Christian College, Batala, after eighteen months and came to Canada at the end of 1972. He has published numerous articles in Canadian and Indian magazines and newspapers about the Ghadar Movement, Komagata Maru incident, Babar Akali Lehar and other struggles waged by Indians to free their country from British rule. He is also deeply interested in Sikh history and the history of South Asians in Canada. He is an enthusiastic participant in discussions on radio, television and many other forums in the South Asian community about the revolutionary movements to free India as well as the history of Indians in Canada. His book published in 2009 about the Ghadar revolutionaries of Canada has attracted wide attention not only in Canada but also in India and the Indian diaspora spread in other parts of the world. He lives with his family in Surrey, B.C., is active in a number of organizations and is part of many activities to commemorate the Ghadar Movement and the Komagata Maru.