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Celebrity Bartender

Carruthers Restaurant, 1198 Commercial St, Astoria,OR
Event Fee: $20 Drinks

The Clatsop County Historical Society's Business Manager Emily Rivera will be the featured Celebrity Bartender at Carruthers restaurant from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm Wednesday, September 25th. 

Help us raise awareness and MONEY! by enjoying some of Emily's custom cocktails she has created especially for this event. With a nod to three of our museums the drinks are:

The Sherrif Slusher for the Oregon Film Museum

The Woah Nellie for the Flavel House Museum

The Sporting Woman for the Heritage Museum 

75% of each $20 drink will be donated to the Clatsop County Historical Society as well as any "tips" left for Emily.

Contact Name:Sam Rascoe
Address:714 Exchange St.
Astoria, OR 97103